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September 22, 2009

May 22, 2009

We got up early so we could hang out with Mary when she got home form work. It’s nice to spend every last second we can with everyone. Then we were off to see the movie with the Case’s. It is cool that the last thing we are going to do here at home is with the Case’s. Normally this is what we do on Christmas day is go see a movie but since we won’t be here… Brenda rode up with us and then back home. On the way back home we stopped at Wal-mart for a filter for Michael’s new camera the one they got him was too big.

Then it was back home. We had lunch then my mom and Lisa came down at 2 so we could head to Peekskill and get there at a decent time. Saying goodbye to Mary was really hard for all of us. Not to mention saying goodbye to Obie. Then it was off to Dunkin Donuts, in Dansville, our car trip tradition. Michael rode with my mom and Lisa as they will be making more pit stops and there is more room for him in the van. Not to mention a little more spoiling time with Grandma and Lisa. This is the last alone time for Art and I for the foreseeable future. We may not get any time alone in Africa.

I drove till Tioga NY while Art wrote our final update from the US. The ride was nice and quiet we left at the perfect time to have most of our ride be nice and sunny and not hit any major traffic. We stopped a couple of times for snacks, I am so sick of fast food that I just couldn’t stand eating out again. This one place we stopped was a HICK gas station. It is so weird to stop somewhere off a major highway in NYS and have it seem like you are in the back woods of Tennessee.

We got to Scott and Min’s at about 8 which is a bit earlier than we had planned on. Mom and Lisa were about an hour behind us and the got lost once in Peekskill so we had to run back out and help them get to their hotel. Lisa was in a total panic because of the twisty windy road down into Peekskill. But all in all their trip went well and there weren’t any major problems. I think they fed Michael a bit too much though, though I guess its ok it’s the last time she can really spoil him for a year or 2.