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September 22, 2009

May 23, 2009

We up talking with Scott and Min till 2 in the morning. I am so tired from not sleeping very well for the last few days. The plan is that Art and Scott are running out to get the Van today and going straight to the hotel to unload everything from Mom’s van to the uhaul. Then we will go out for a late breakfast early lunch at Mama’s dinner. We loved the food last time we were there so look forward to eating there again. The pies there are AWESOME. If you ever get to Peekskill NY Mama’s famous pies is a must eat at place.

Today is my baby sisters wedding. I can’t believe I had to miss it by only a day. There is so much we had to do that I couldn’t go to the wedding too. I am going to miss both Missy’s and Adam’s wedding this summer. Why the Lord decided that we are to leave now I will never understand. I am sure I will be blacklisted by my family forever for missing 2 weddings.

We had lunch at about 12:30 and hung out there for a bit. My mom and Lisa were going to head right home from there or at least back to Binghamton. It was really hard to say goodbye to her. We have gotten close over the last couple of years. She and Michael really enjoy their time together. I really am not sure what we would have done the last few years without her and Lisa and all their support and encouragement. They are the only ones on either side of our families that has supported us from the beginning. Mary now is very supportive but it took a long time for her to get to that point. We got a few pics with mom and Lisa before they left and then Scott, Min, Lesiel, and all of us together too. It will be cool to see how Lesiel and Michael change till the next time we get a pic together.
Once they left we headed back to the house to just relax for the rest of the afternoon. It was nice to just do nothing. Later in the evening we headed out to Wal-mart to do some more last minute shopping, and then got some Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream yummy. Wish we would have eaten there the last time we were here it is so good. I was able to do some cooking tonight balsamic vinegar tilapia and mashed potatoes with steamed veggies. Tomorrow we will be having buffalo shrimp and well not really sure yet. Then it was back to the house to just sit, talk and get some much needed sleep.
Art started getting a toothache today. I really hope it gets better and not worse. Here we are in Peekskill on a holiday weekend with no medical insurance, not a good time to have any dental work done.