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November 20, 2009

Been Awhile and Busy now

I know that it's been awhile but I actually have something to write about now. The V's are back, Rachel is back the Harvey's are back and the Wegners have arrived. Now I have things to do!!!!! I started to help homeschool the 2 middle Harvey girls last week and it is going really well I can't wait to really get into some of the projects we will be doing this year. I started helping Joe with communications which gives me something to do after I am done with schooling each day. So now I am not a bored Danielle!

Things I have learned over the last month:
1. Never loan money to hired help that you like, because then you wont like them anymore, cause the quit working.
2. Never put dried beans in a pressure cooker with only one cup of water, makes the house stink
3. Never let bread rise all the way in the jungle, before putting it in the oven, cause it grows about 3 more times it's normal size.
4. Remember to fill water buckets before trying to take a shower, cause if they are empty you will run out of water and have to yell to your child to go get some more so you can get the soap out of your hair
5. Enjoy the quiet times cause they don't last (not possible with little boys around)
6. Give thanks for wonderful friends back home each day, for the clothes, spices and candy they send you
7. Give thanks every day for the wieght that keeps falling off even though you are enjoying said candy
8. PRAISE GOD for friends on their way to the mission field, even though they wont be there when we go on furlough next summer

Well that is all for now. I will try and write a little more often now that there is something to write about.

God Bless and thank you for your continued prayers!
Your stumbling Congo Missionary