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September 22, 2009

May 29, 2009

Paul came back again today to help us get to the Dentist once again. He also showed us where to buy a few groceries for the next few days. Art was able to get his tooth pulled and is feeling a lot better now. He will be going back tomorrow for one final appointment to get a filling in another tooth. This is going to be a very expensive dentist trip I think. Paul left us at the dentist to get back on our own as he was heading back to the States today to be with his wife. I am not sure he will ever understand how greatful we are for his help and advice the first few hours here. Tonight we are having dinner with Trista Vanderwall at SIL. Her husband is also traveling. It seems like there are no men around right now. Elizabeth’s husband is with Trista’s husband. Dinner was very nice we were introduced to Brenda and Simon LeBlanc and their son Nickolas. We made plans with come back to SIL tomorrow afternoon after the dentist appointment and sit and talk with the LaBlanc’s. Michael is looking forward to hanging out with another boy his age.

Trista took us to the Manderine for Ice Cream which is a real treat here, though our memories of how things taste in the states are way too fresh. It didn’t really taste like ice cream but more like ice milk. But it was a nice treat and we enjoyed seeing some more of Brazzaville.