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September 22, 2009

May 28, 2009

We got up this morning got showers again (we took them before we went to sleep too) and ventured out of our room to hopefully talk to with someone about our day. There wasn’t anyone there that spoke English so Art got to start practicing his French in a hurry. There was a note from Elizabeth a bag with cereal in it and some yogurt for us to eat for breakfast. Mr. Mbossa is Global’s agent in Brazzaville and he was able to talk with Art a little, Joe called Mr. Mbossa’s phone and Art was able to talk to him and ask him what to do about his mouth. I think Joe must have called Paul Ohlin because a little while later he showed up and was able to take us on a tour of SIL and to the Dentist so that Art could get some relief. He also helped us get a phone so we could talk with Joe and anyone else we may need to. If it wasn’t for him we would have been left totally alone and unprepared for doing anything here.

When we got back to Bravo after the dentist appointment, there was another friendly face that we recognized Leticia!!! It was so nice to see her again and greatful for another face and voice in English. We were able to have dinner at the Julian’s house and meet Ruth but not her husband unfortunately as he was traveling. We got a little encouragement form Ruth on settling in here and how to deal with the shock of just getting here. After Chantal (Elizabeth’s daughter) and Leticia rode back with us to Bravo so we weren’t left alone in a taxi.