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September 22, 2009

May 31, 2009

Hmm, church in Congo is not something I can explain at all. I have no idea what was going on for the whole 2 hours of the service. I understood one song (only cause I recognized the tune the words however were in French). The rest of the service was just plain confusing not only was it in French but it was translated into Lingala too. Sigh what a confusing day. Not only was the service confusing but afterwards there was a dinner for the LaBlancs leaving for Cameroon this week. Yuck our first exposure to African food, in a public setting so we have to eat it. Michael was smart and just ran around with the kids and never actually ate anything. We had ska ska and fufu. EWWW. I am not sure I can ever adjust to this. After we just headed back to Bravo and relaxed to later in the evening when we headed to SIL for a Sunday Sing-a-long service. We shared how God came to lead us to Congo and our personal testimonies. It was nice the whole thing was in English. Other than between the 3 of us there has been very little English for the last week. Tomorrow is a national holiday here so we will just be relaxing and getting ready to leave on Tuesday for Impfondo.