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September 22, 2009

May 25, 2009

Left Scott and Min’s in a cargo van full of luggage for JFK. Trip was very scary with Scott driving and not being in a seat with a seat belt on. Scott drives like a maniac (love you Scott) and NYC driving is nuts too, so the combination was stomach turning. The whole time I was looking at the 14 pieces of luggage wondering are they going to allow us on the plane with all of this? We arrived at JFK an hour before the counter opened and were the first ones in line to wait with this huge stack of luggage for them to open. When they opened we were directed right to the counter and the woman wasn’t sure we could take everything, but after chatting with her for a few minutes she was gracious and took it all!!! She should have only taken 12 total but the extra 2 went on with no problems (well except for cost). She said because we were early and the first in line she would do it for us. The Lord was certainly guiding her decisions as this would have been hard to repack everything while standing in JFK. The total cost was a bit higher then expected at $175 for each extra piece and $50 for each piece over 50 lbs. The total cost for luggage ended up being $1,300 but everything got on the plane. The best news is that we would not have to pay this cost again through Royal Air Maroc. They would just move everything to the next connecting flight with no additional charge, again PRAISE THE LORD!!

Scott was able to hang out with us and help Art to move all the baggage to the security area and then take a few pictures before we went through security ourselves. Scott and Min have been such a huge part of all of our Mission Decisions. It has been very cool to become closer to them and I hope for them to have a part in our lives as missionaries. It is also nice leaving with someone who is truly excited for us. Most everyone else, while they tried to be excited, they were just sad that we were leaving. Scott and Min hope to meet us somewhere and visit with us for a bit sometime over the next year or two. Having friends that are world travelers makes leaving them much easier as they don’t see us being in Africa as the end of the world.

Once we were through security for our carry on stuff, (this was not fun they don’t really explain what to do and hurry you through). We were able to sit down for a little bit and just relax. Art at this point was too nervous to eat dinner but Michael and I ate with no problem to the tune of $25 for a small sandwich, a hot dog and 3 pops. Ouch!! I should have been the one who didn’t eat. All along I had told Art to take Dramamine before the flight as he gets motion sick easily. Ha! The joke was on me. I am the one who got sick, though not sure if Art didn’t because he did take it or was just fine all on his own. His mouth however is really bothering him. He is taking Advil every 4 hours to just dull the pain. I am really praying now that it doesn’t get worse I can only imagine the pressure in a plane will make it worse.