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September 22, 2009

June 2, 2009

IT IS HERE! We got up at 5 got “showers” well used water from a bucket to wash up hotel Bravo is out of water. Then waited around for Mr. Mbossa to get here. Our luggage has to go to the air port at 6 then we will have to head over at 8. Mr. Mbossa didn’t even get there till 8 though. Talk about a let down. I was getting a little anxious we have heard about them canceling flights at the last minute because of not enough people flying. I was really praying that we were leaving. We have been waiting so long to get to Impfondo that I was sure something would happen to delay it even more.

When we finally got to the air port we waited for over 2 hours to get on the plane. But then we were off on the FINAL leg of this 2 year long journey. It was so exciting to be on the plane this time I wanted to look at everything! There really wasn’t much to see till we got just about into Impfondo.

As we desended we were able to see the jungle and the river it was so cool to start seeing the place we had dreamed of for so long. As we flew over Impfondo Art was able to pick out where the mission housing was from seeing it on Google maps. We flew over the river over DRC and turned to land in at the IMP air port, this is what we were waiting for.
As we got off the plane the first faces we saw were Joe, Clair and Noah! And Rachel Maurais. As we got inside we were enveloped in HUGE hugs from all! We had to wait around for a bit for our luggage but we headed out into the reception area and were able to see Olivia. Isabelle and Becky, Susan and Sara. We were FINALLY HERE!!!

After getting the luggage we headed out got into the truck and finally got to see where we will be living here in Congo. Becky and the girls had done a great job trying to make us feel more at home. They painted the living room/dining room all white with black trim and the kitchen yellow and green. Everything that had come with the Loudenville team back in January of 2008 was all unpacked and they had made our beds with the sheets etc we had sent on the container last May. They had even stocked us up with some food supplies.

Michael was really excited to see all of his legos for the first time in a year all in one place. We were given the tour and then headed over to the Harvey’s for the spaghetti lunch we had been hearing that we would be given upon our arrival.

Lunch was nice to jus sit and talk with the Harvey’s and really get to reconnect with them. We really have so little time as they leave in 10 days for the States for 4 months. Joe wasted no time in starting to give Art a list of things that needed to be fixed. We will be eating with the Harvey’s until they leave so that we can spend as much as time as possible with them.

After lunch we had a few hours on our own to settle in and unpack. Tomorrow Art will spend the day helping us get things done here then he starts his long list of projects with Joe.

Ginny stopped by to welcome us she was teach English when our plane arrived so is just coming down now. She brought us a loaf of fresh bread, and some pickles. We will really enjoy those. It was nice to reconnect, I am really going to enjoy her she is a wonderful woman.